Monday, September 28, 2009

Love Reflections

Love's Reflections

Love is often reflected,
in the things we do each day.
By how we view ourselves,
and what we have to say.
It can rest in a mother's eyes,
as she watches her child sleep.
Or can tear her heart apart,
when she hears a loved one weep.
It's there in the gentle touch,
of a child's questing hand.
And is often there behind,
a father's reprimand.
You can see it on the faces,
of the couples, in the park.
While you feel the strength it brings,
as you cuddle in the dark.
Love wears so many faces,
and is reflected everyday.
In the touch, the smile, the careless words,
we choose to use and say.
By Julie Schroeder

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